Ben Aronov: The Best Thing for Me

Artists / Instruments:
Ben Aronov: Piano

  • Murray Wall: Bass
  • Tom Melito: Drums
  • Special Guest: Ken Peplowski: Clarinet, Tenor Sax

    "An intoxicating jazz cocktail comprised of solos, duos, trios and quartets....interpreting the repertoire, embellishing the music as the jazz creators meant it to be.¯ “ arnold jay smith, former editor of Down Beat, celebrating during 1998-9 the XXth season of his "Jazz Insights¯ lectures at the New School in N.Y.C.

    It´s All Right with Me

  • I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues
  • Ev´rytime We Say Goodbye
  • The Best Thing for You
  • A House Is Not a Home
  • Ho-Bala-La
  • Air Conditioning
  • It´s The Talk of the Town
  • Nobody Else But Me
  • A Gal in Calico
  • Valse Hot
  • Blue Skies
  • Tin Tin Deo
  • ´Bye . . .

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