Dan Barrett: Melody in Swing

Artists / Instruments:
Ray Sherman: Piano

  • Eddie Erickson: Guitar; Banjo
  • Dave Stone: Bass
  • Jeff Hamilton: Drums
  • Ed Slauson: Claves

    "Melody in Swing finds trombonist and arranger Dan Barrett returning to the classic small band jazz setting we heard on his previous critically acclaimed Jubilesta! This time Barrett is leading a quintet “ a perfect theater for his imaginative arrangements, his warm tone and lyrical sound¦ . It´s all here¦ (a) testimonial to how jazz´s musical past has woven its way into the musical present of this gifted trombonist.ť -- John Breckow, Former host of Smoke Rings on radio station KPFK-FM Los Angeles, California

    Melody in Swing

  • I´m Nobody´s Baby
  • Carelessly
  • What is This Thing Called Love?
  • My Mother´s Eyes
  • Teezol
  • There is No Greater Love
  • Take My Heart
  • Finesse
  • Besame Mucho
  • You´ve Got Me Crying Again
  • Mighty Like the Blues
  • Gravy Waltz

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