The Bob Wilber Big Band At the March of Jazz ´96: Bufadora Blowup

Artists / Instruments:
The Bob Wilber Big Band: Bob Wilber: Conductor, arranger, curved and straight soprano and alto

  • Trumpets: Charlie Bertini, Wendell Brunious, Jon-Erik Kellso, Bob Merrill
  • Trombones: Dan Barrett, George Masso, Paul O´Connor
  • Saxophones: "Shoeless Henry Aaron,¯ Jerry Jerome, Brian Ogilvie, Scott Robinson, Chuck Wilson
  • Piano: Dick Hyman
  • Guitar: Howard Alden
  • Bass: Phil Flanigan
  • Drums: Ed Metz Jr.
  • Vocals: Joanne "Pug¯ Horton


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    "This recording is my first big band recording of my own music, and was recorded live, in concert, at the 1996 March of Jazz by a superb group of musicians, handpicked from the assembled all-stars. The concert is presented in its entirety, exactly the way we played it.¯ “ Bob Wilber

    Here is what the critics have to say:
    The Bob Wilber Big Band at The March of Jazz ´96: Bufadora Blowup:

    Awarded five stars by Tex Wyndham in The American Rag

    Bufadora Blow-up

  • Dancing On a Rainbow
  • Patterns of Ecstasy
  • It´s Been So Long
  • Early Morning Blues
  • I´m Checking Out - Goom Bye
  • Clarion Song
  • Goodnight, My Love
  • Mostly Mozar
  • In a Melancholy Mood
  • Movin´ N´ Groovin´
  • Tango Royale
  • The Big Pearl
  • Mdina
  • We´ll All Go Ridin´ On a Rainbow
  • Jumpin´ At the Woodside

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