Andy Fielding and Rick Fay: Tunes for Tommy

Artists / Instruments:
Andy Fielding: Piano

  • Rick Fay: Clarinet, Tenor and Soprano Saxes

    "Jazz is a great leveler. National origins, language hurdles, stylistic differences ” none of these are important when there is spontaneous blending of musical minds in a jazz setting. Rick and Andy, though separated in age by decades, are as naturally at home together as fraternal twins. However, I think it´s obvious that Rick the elder takes pride in helping to present a pianist who is (to steal a line from Down Beat magazine) deserving of wider recognition. For Andy Fielding, the best may be yet to come. But, judging from this gratifying session, the present is very good indeed.¯ “ Richard Hadlock (Author of Jazz Masters of the Twenties and Host of The Annals of Jazz, on KCSM-FM San Mateo, California.)


  • I Got It Bad and That Ain´t Good
  • Apex Blues
  • It´s The Talk of the Town
  • Poor Butterfly
  • Nuages
  • Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
  • My One and Only Love
  • Crazy
  • Bogalusa Strut
  • Tommy´s Blues
  • September Song
  • Linger Awhile

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