Andy Fielding: Playing For Keeps

Artists / Instruments:
Andy Fielding: solo piano

"Andy´s style, rooted in ragtime and stride piano (there are only a handful of pianists on the planet who can play Carolina Shout as cleanly and creatively as he does on this disc), also incorporates some modern heroes: The right-hand filigree of Art Tatum; the swaggering left-hand groove of Dave McKenna; the luscious harmonies of Keith Jarrett; Dick Hyman´s left-hand counterpoint." -Tom McDermott, noted pianist, composer, arranger and journalist

If I Had You

  • One Note Samba
  • Stardust
  • Freda With The Naturally Curly Hair
  • Ride On The River
  • Carolina Shout
  • New Orleans Medley: New Orleans, They All Ask´d For You, Way Down Younder in New Orleans
  • Cat´s Cradle
  • They Can´t Take That Away From Me
  • A Night in Tunisia
  • Someone to Watch Over Me
  • The Gospel Truth
  • The Very Thought of You
  • Arbors Blues

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