Herb Pomeroy and Donna Byrne: Walking on Air

Artists / Instruments:
Herb Pomeroy: Trumpet and Flugelhorn

  • Donna Byrne: Vocals
  • Dave McKenna: Piano
  • Gray Sargent: Guitar
  • Marshall Wood: Bass
  • Jim Gwin: Drums

    "Donna and Herb have drawn on the legacy of their enshrined forebears´ musicality and togetherness. They have absorbed the social and musical changes since those days. And they “ and their four long-time colleagues on this disc “ have found a new and refreshed but still classic and still wonderfully listenable jazz . . . There´s a oneness as well as twoness in marriages and in music, when a voice and a horn are always there for each other, in today´s clich, and also give each other space. Think of Lee Wiley and Bobby Hackett. Think of Billie Holiday and Lester Young. Then think again. It´s half a century later. When Billie sings No More she´s a woman turning from a no-good man with aching resignation. In Donna´s No More you know this woman is going to slam the door and have a life.¯ “ Roderick Nordell

    Here is what the critics have to say:
    Herb Pomeroy and Donna Byrne: Walking on Air:

    Awarded five stars by Tex Wyndham in The American Rag

    Doxy/ It´s a Wonderful World

  • Lullaby in Rhythm
  • Ill Wind
  • Taps Miller
  • Take the "A-Train
  • Just One of Those Things
  • No More
  • Summertime
  • Do Nothin´ Till You Hear From Me
  • Your Red Wagon
  • I Have Dreamed
  • The Intimacy of the Blues

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