Wild Bill Davison: Pretty Wild and With Strings Attached

Artists / Instruments:
Wild Bill Davison: Cornet

  • Cutty Cutshall, Trombone
  • Bob Wilber, Clarinet
  • Gene Schroeder, Piano
  • Barry Galbraith, Guitar
  • Jack Lesberg, Bass
  • Don Lamond, Drums


    For years, pundits have agreed - Wild Billīs albums with strings, "Pretty Wild" and "With Strings Attached," recorded for Columbia, are cornetist Wild Bill Davisonīs finest recordings. - Floyd Levin (Floyd Levinīs award-winning articles about jazz have been published throughout the world for more than 40 years.)

    Here is what the critics have to say:
    Wild Bill Davison: "Pretty Wild" and "With Strings Attached":

    "Wild Bill Davisonīs proudest moments, his two suberb albums with strings." --Leonard Feather

    "A superlative showcase for Wild Bill Davison, that celebrated diamond-in-th-rough, who, this time, finds himself resting on velvet." --George Avakian

    "For years, pundits have agreed - Wild Billīs two albums with strings, recorded for Columbia, are his finest recordings." --Floyd Levin

    "As long as there are humans left on Earth theyīll be listening to Billīs great music and bemoaning that another has never come along like him." --Walter Cronkite

    Mandy, Make Up Your Mind

  • Black Butterfly
  • If I Had You
  • Just a Gigolo
  • Blue Again
  • When Your Lover Has Gone
  • Sugar
  • Sweet and Lovely
  • Rockinī Chair
  • Sheīs Funny That Way (I Got a Women, Crazy for Me)
  • I Donīt Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You
  • Wild Man Blues
  • Love Is Here to Stay
  • Blue (and Broken Hearted)
  • Itīs The Talk of the Town
  • Mourninī Blues
  • Prelude to a Kiss
  • Sentimental Journey
  • You Turned the Tables on Me
  • My Inspiration
  • Now That Youīre Gone
  • Limehouse Blues
  • Moaninī Low
  • Serenade in Blue

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