John Bunch With Phil Flanigan: Struttin´

Artists / Instruments:
John Bunch: Piano

  • Phil Flanigan: Bass


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    "Before he discovered Bud Powell, as many pianists did in the mid-´40s, John grew up admiring Teddy Wilson and Fats Waller. His marvelous touch and overall grace at the keyboard still reflect the Wilson heritage while the felicitous lines and sophisticated harmonies of bebop continue the Powell influence. He was old enough to appreciate the old masters, young enough to make the transition to the new music of the time, and endowed with the artistic intelligence to forge a cogent expression of his own ... There are ways to swing at virtually any tempo, and Bunch knows them all." -- Ira Gitler (Internationally renowned author, jazz journalist and encyclopedist, author of Jazz Masters of the ´40s, and Swing to Bop.)

    Here is what the critics have to say:
    Selected for The Golden Dozen for 1997 by Swiss National Radio Station DRS

    On a Slow Boat to China

  • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
  • Crazeology
  • Prelude to a Kiss
  • Prelude in C Minor
  • Please Don´t Talk About Me When I´m Gone
  • Don´t Misunderstand
  • Laverne Walk
  • Sultry Seranade (How Can You Do a Thing Like That To Me?)
  • It Ain´t Necessarily So
  • I Can´t Believe that You´re in Love with Me
  • Mr. Lucky
  • As Long as I Live
  • Struttin´ with Some Barbecue

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