Dan Barrett and Tom Baker In Australia

Artists / Instruments:
Dan Barrett: Trombone, Trumpet

  • Tom Baker: Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Cornet
  • Chris Tapperell: Piano
  • Ian Date: Guitar
  • Don Heap: Bass
  • Lynn Wallis: Drums
  • Special Guest Bob Barnard: Cornet

    "Jazz is obviously now an International music. What a joy it is to be associated with such remarkable talents as are on the Dan Barrett/Tom Baker session. There´s still plenty of inspiration and creativity to be heard in this celebration of the rich tradition of jazz of a golden era.ť “ Jim McLeod, whose "Jazztrackť on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, is the only national radio show in that country.


  • Fore!
  • Then I´ll Be Tired of You
  • See If I Don´t
  • After I Say I´m Sorry (What Can I Say?)
  • It´s Like Reaching For the Moon
  • That´s A-Plenty
  • Nobody Knows
  • Just Ducky
  • Indian Summer
  • Oh, Lady Be Good!
  • Overtime
  • Jug
  • Dynaflow
  • Through For the Night

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