Ruby Braff and Dick Hyman Play Nice Tunes

Artists / Instruments:
Ruby Braff: Cornet

  • Dick Hyman: Piano

    "Ruby and Dick, in effect, celebrated their 20th anniversary with this auspicious CD. Theirs has been a most productive and creative association, fortunately well documented on records. I cherish them all, but this one´s special ” not least because it is so relaxed and tuneful.¯ ” Dan Morgenstern, renowned jazz authority and Director of the Rutgers University Institute of Jazz Studies

    Here is what the critics have to say:
    Selected by Jack Sohmer as a Critics Pick for 1996 in the March 1997 issue of JazzTimes. Selected by Ben Franklin V as a 1997 Writers Choice in the January/February 1998 issue of Coda; selected for The Golden Dozen for 1997 by Swiss National Radio Station DRS. Selected as a 1998 Critics Choice in Jazz Journal International in the February, 1999 issue by critics David Badham, Mike Baille and Hugh Rainey

    I Want a Little Girl

  • My Heart Belongs to Daddy
  • Sweet Savannah Sue
  • Why Was I Born?
  • Lotus Blossom
  • Joseph! Joseph!
  • Thanks a Million
  • By Myself
  • I Must Have That Man
  • Come Sunday
  • Save It, Pretty Mama
  • Once Upon a Time
  • You´re Lucky to Me
  • When It´s Sleepy Time Down South

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