Ruby Braff and his Buddies: Controlled Nonchalance at the Regattabar (Vol. 1)

Artists / Instruments:
Ruby Braff: Cornet

  • Scott Hamilton: Tenor Sax
  • Dave McKenna: Piano
  • Gray Sargent: Guitar
  • Marshall Wood: Bass
  • Chuck Riggs: Drums

    "The first thing that hits you about Ruby Braff is that sound: full, round, warm, vibrant, voluptuous and unmistakably his. He had it from the start, but itīs grown wider and deeper with time and is, quite simply, one of the marvels of jazz today ... Thereīs only one Ruby Braff, and if you are like me, you canīt ever get enough of him. So add this little gem to your Braff shelf. -- Dan Morgenstern, Director of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University

    Here is what the critics have to say:
    Ruby Braff and His Buddies: Controlled Nonchalance at the Regattabar (Vol. 1)>/b>: Selected as the Number One new jazz record of 1995 by the combined critics of Jazz Journal International in the January, 1996 issue. Received top rating from Peter Vacher, Steve Voce, Hugh Rainey, Alun Morgan, Eddie Blackwell and Derek Ansell


  • Struttinī With Some Barbecue
  • Sunday
  • Love Me or Leave Me
  • Mean To Me
  • Whatīs New
  • The Lady Is a Tramp
  • Lester Leaps In

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