Dick Cary and His Tuesday Night Friends: Playing Dick Cary Originals

Artists / Instruments:
Dick Cary: Electric Piano, Trumpet, Composer, Arranger The Tuesday Night Friends: Trumpets: Dick Forrest, Betty O´Hara, Bob Summers

  • Trombones: Dick Hamilton, Barrett O´Hara, Ernie Tack
  • Reeds: Lee Callett, Fred Cooper, Terry Harrington, Abe Most, Tommy Newsom
  • Bass: Herb Mickman
  • Guitar: Dave Koonse
  • Drums: Gene Estes, Jerry McKenzie

    "The release of this wonderful material finally makes available a portion of a great body of Dick Cary´s music that has never before been accessible to the public. These are the orchestral sounds previously heard only by his "Tuesday Night Friends," a dedicated rehearsal band assembled from the vast community of talented musicians in Southern California. The weekly performances of the rehearsal band continue to this day and will go on so long as these wonderful musicians are able to play. They estimate it will take ten years to play through the stockpile of great material that Dick Cary left behind on his death in 1994." -- Floyd Levin, award winning jazz writer whose oral history interview of Dick Cary is in the Jazz Archive at Tulane University in New Orleans.


  • Henry
  • Kreik
  • Bud
  • Fugue
  • Black Shadow
  • Fritz
  • Another
  • January
  • Vallen´s Waltz
  • 8th Avenue Rag
  • Thursday Blues
  • Pong
  • Tuxford
  • M & M

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