George Masso and Dan Barrett: Letīs Be Buddies

Artists / Instruments:
George Masso: Trombone and piano

  • Dan Barrett: Trombone, cornet and vocal
  • Frank Vignola: Guitar
  • Ben Aronov: Piano
  • Michael Moore: Bass
  • Joe Ascione: Drums


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    "A sextet of kindred spirits dedicated to keeping the jazz tradition alive. The enthusiasm and conviction with which these instrumentalists approached the recording date created thirteen not only memorable but integrated performances. This is what real jazz music is all about. -- Brian Peerless (author of articles on Lou McGarity and Cutty Cutshall for New Grove Dictionary of Jazz and promoter of numerous jazz programs in Great Britain)

    Here is what the critics have to say:
    Chosen by George Kanzler as one of his best-of-1994 in the Newark Star-Ledger. Selected by Tex Wyndham as a Writerīs Choice record for 1995 in the January/February 1996 issue of Coda

    Get Out and Get Under the Moon

  • Am I Blue?
  • My Melancholy Baby
  • Indian Summer
  • Georgeīs and Danīs Most Excellent Blues
  • Whispering Grass (Donīt Tell the Trees)
  • Miss Annabelle Lee
  • Creole Love Call
  • When Lights Are Low
  • Constantly
  • How About Me?
  • Linger in my Arms a Little Longer, Baby
  • Letīs Be Buddies

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