Rick Fay´s: Endangered Species

Artists / Instruments:
Rick Fay: Tenor and Soprano Saxes, Vocal

  • Jackie Coon: Flugelhorn, Vocals
  • Dan Barrett: Trombone
  • Betty O´Hara: Bass Trumpet, Double-bell Euphonium, Cornet, Flugelhorn, Vocal
  • Bobby Gordon: Clarinet
  • Eddie Erickson: Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
  • Johnny Varro: Piano
  • David Stone: Bass
  • Gene Estes: Drums

    Ricks´s gang at their Condonesque best performing some of the tunes that the boys at Condon´s used to play and a few new ones written by Rick. "This recording is rather like an extension of the best Commodore years. Yet it is, more significantly, a celebration of these outstanding players right now. Like Gabler´s great musicians, our "Endangered Species¯ respect the past but are far too talented to fall into mere imitation. They are - lucky for us - creating their own "good old days¯. -- Richard Hadlock, jazz writer, radio host, soprano saxophonist, clarinetist and author of Jazz Masters of the Twenties.

    Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland

  • Memphis Blues
  • Should I?
  • The Lovely Butterfly
  • Just a Little While To Stay Here
  • Some of These Days
  • Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down
  • Sweet and Slow
  • My Lucky Rag
  • Oh, By Jingo!
  • When It´s Sleepy Time Down South
  • You´re Lucky To Me
  • Dallas Blues
  • Sweethearts On Parade
  • The Curse of an Aching Heart

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