Dave Frishberg & Jim Goodwin: Double Play

Artists / Instruments:
Dave Frishberg: Piano

  • Jim Goodwin: Cornet

    The incomparable pianist and entertainer Dave Frishberg and the exceptional cornetist Jim Goodwin are partners in a program of unique and unusual jazz performances. "Here is high-risk but wonderfully spontaneous jazz, bristling with untested and daring ideas, last-second saves and a few out-and-out fluffs. And here are unique dialogues involving two remarkably talented instrumentalists, each listening with obvious pleasure to the other from the first note to the last. -- Richard Hadlock, critic, radio host and author of Jazz Masters of the Twenties.

    Here is what the critics have to say:
    Selected by John Sutherland as a Writers Choice record for 1994 in the January-February 1995 issue of Coda Magazine, and as CD of the year by Joe H. Klee in the January 1994 issue of The Mississippi Rag.

    Russian Lullaby

  • Easy Come, Easy Go
  • There Ainīt No Sweet Man Thatīs Worth The Salt Of My Tears
  • One, Two, Button Your Shoe
  • Stardust
  • Willie The Weeper
  • Shoeshine Boy
  • Blue River
  • In A Sentimental Mood
  • Rosalie
  • My Kinda Love
  • Shout ˜Em
  • Aunt Tillie
  • Thereīs A Cabin In The Pines
  • Clementine (From New Orleans)
  • Wininī Boy
  • Say It Isnīt So
  • Dear Old Southland

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