Dan Barrett - John Sheridan: Two Sleepy People

Artists / Instruments:
Dan Barrett: Trombone, Cornet

  • John Sheridan: Piano


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    Two great jazzmen, trombonist/cornetist Dan Barrett and John Sheridan, robust two-handed pianist and arranger for Jim Cullum´s Jazz Band, duet in a program of infrequently heard jazz classics. "The performers engage in continual musical telepathy throughout the session. Dan and John cover a wide range of material and moods and are never less than inspired in their performances. Furthermore, I can´t imagine either putting lip to mouthpiece or finger to keyboard without producing something musical and memorable at the same time.¯ -- From the album notes by Hal Smith, an outstanding drummer and writer on jazz subjects who has been performing with both Dan and John for many years.

    Two Sleepy People

  • Hey, Good Lookin´
  • I Like the Likes of You
  • All My Love
  • Remember Me?
  • Whoa, Babe!
  • Medley for Billie Holiday: They Say/One Never Knows, Does One?/Foolin´ Myself/What a Little Moonlight Can Do
  • Who Loves You
  • Oh, You Crazy Moon
  • Heah Me Talkin´ to Ya
  • Moanin´ Low
  • You Can´t Lose a Broken Heart
  • Why Do I Lie to Myself About You?
  • Two Sleepy People

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