John Allred Quartet: In The Beginning ...

Artists / Instruments:
John Allred: Trombone, Double-Bell Euphonium

  • Johnny Varro: Piano
  • David Stone: Bass
  • Eddie Metz, Jr.: Drums
  • With Guest Betty O´Hara: Double-Bell Euphonium on Stompin´ at the Savoy

    John Allred, the famous trombone-playing son of a famous trombone-playing father, Bill Allred, performs a swinging blend of jazz standards, some seldom-heard tunes and his own originals, in his first album as leader. "This is an excellent CD. Not only every trombonist, but every musician should listen to John Allred and his fine quartet. Once you hear John, you will never forget him. He is on his way to greatness.¯ -- Louie Bellson, described by Duke Ellington as "the world´s greatest drummer.¯

    I Got Your Letter, Autumn Leaves, Eveline, Stompin´ At The Savoy, Koenig´s Gig, Sweet Clifford, Jitterbug Waltz, Blues For Rich, A Child Is Born, I´m Getting Sentimental Over You

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