Rick Fay and Friends: Rolling On

Artists / Instruments:
Rick Fay: TS, SS, Vocal

  • Howard Alden: Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Banjo
  • Dan Barrett: Trombone
  • Chuck Hedges: Clarinet
  • Lou Mauro: Bass
  • Dick Cary: Piano, Alto Horn
  • Jon-Erik Kellso: Trumpet
  • Paul Scavarda: Guitar, Banjo
  • Joe Ascione: Drums
  • Mat Domber: Acoustic Steam Whistle


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    A classic jazz session highlighted by the appearance of Dick Cary performing "Echo of Spring" and leading the group in a rare performance of his beautiful arrangement of Beiderbecke´s "In the Dark." "This was indeed an unforgettable session...a warm camaraderie, a lilting swing, and a joyous relaxation that personifies the true meaning of jazz." -- Floyd Levin, jazz writer for numerous publications.

    Here is what the critics have to say:
    Selected as one of the Top Ten records of 1992 by Tex Wyndham in the January/February 1993 issue of Coda Magazine, and by Derek Coller and Floyd Levin as one of the Top Ten Records of 1993 in the February 1994 issue of Jazz Journal International.

    I Double Dare You

  • Blues (My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me)
  • In the Dark
  • Somebody Loves Me
  • Ballad For Eddie
  • Can´t We Be Friends?
  • Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On
  • Possum
  • Jump
  • Tishomingo Blues
  • Manoir De Mes Reves
  • Plain and Simple
  • Echo of Spring
  • Day Dream
  • Come Back Sweet Papa

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