Rick Fay´s Hot 5 Live at Lone Pine

Artists / Instruments:
Rick Fay clarinet,soprano sax, tenor sax, Teeny Weeny Whistle, vocals - David Jones cornet, Siren Whistle - George Palmer trombone - Bob Leary guitar, banjo,vocals - Lee Richardson sousaphone - Guest Percussionist Pat Doyle

Dixieland is a happy music that makes you want to tap your feet. The joyous sound of Rick Fay´s Hot 5 is squarely in that tradition. Recorded live this CD celebrates a band whose distinctive style has led to its wide popularity. It plays with the empathy and joy of creation found only in those groups of experienced musicians who know each other well and have played together for a long time. This is Dixieland music at its best!

China Boy, Muskrat Ramble, Creole Love Call, Mamma´s Gone, Old Green River, Cousin of Mine, Oh, Katharina, Once In a While, Sugar, Willie The Weeper, Bury Me On Basin Street, Black and White Rag, Teeny Weeny Blues, Tipperary

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